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Man with a face on the back of his head

Edward Mordrake  (or Edward Mordake) was reportedly a young man that lived during the 19th century. At birth, Edward was stricken with a bizarre medical condition. He was born with an extra face on the back of his head....


Strange Puffer Frog or Toad Found in China

The photo of this strange animal, looks like a frog or a toad is original from china uploaded to a China forum by an anonymous. The animal species remain unknown after consult the local specialist, professor and...


12 food facts that you would love to know

1.Pringles Pringles are not actually 100% potato chips. They contain only 42% potato. Remaining items include corn flour, rice flour and other crisping agents. Manufacturers suggested the name, “Pringle Newfangled Potato Chips” but it...