Artist Mom Turns Her Baby’s Nap Time Into a Wonderland Adventures

  • dsc_4118b__880
  • dsc_0662b__880
    My bunny friend
  • babys-dream-adventure3__880
    Wengenn’s Symphony No. 1
  • dsc_1145b__880
  • dsc_1331d__880
    A castle in the sky
  • dsc_1389c__880
    Magic sail ride
  • dsc_2344c__880
    Little Picasso
  • babys-dream-adventure4__880
    The fearless Acrobat
  • sc_3318a__880
  • dsc_3318a__880
    The Tarzan
  • dsc_3626a2__880
    Journey to Lilliput
  • dsc_0515b__880
    The Wise Owl Storyteller
  • dsc_4381b__880
    The little witch
  • dsc_4729a__880
    The Arabian Night
  • dsc_9266a2__880
    A Romantic Dinner
  • dsc_9320c__880
    The Nutcracker Soldier
  • dsc_9412b__880
  • dsc_9505e__880
    The Mighty King of Spades
  • dsc_9568b2__880
  • dsc_9662a__880
  • babys-dream-adventure__880
    The Redeemer and his Birdie
  • dsc_9662a__880 (1)
    Reaching the Stars

Queenie Liao, a creative artist and mother of three boys from California has turns her child Wengenn’s Nap Time Into a Wonderland Adventures. Queenie uses plain cloths, stuffed animals, and other common household materials to create the background setting.

The “Wengenn in Wonderland” album is a compilation of over 100 creative photos that depict the continuous exploration of her son Wengenn in his wonderland.


The English version of her book is already underway as well. For more information, visit



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