Small And Strange Inventions that are really exist

#1 Quick Pod


Many of us are having a real hard time taking pictures of our own. And it is very hassle when your hand is shaking, and ending up same with the picture you are takings. Quick pod is made to minimize that stress.

It is invented by the Fromm’s father and daughter team. They made it for the convenience of taking pictures even you are alone or with your friends.


#2 Volume Control Pacifier

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Parents hate being stressed and starting to panic when the baby cries, and even with the normal pacifier, some babies were really demanding. But here is a little change with your baby’s mood, you can now give your baby a volume control pacifier which will calm his/her mood. It is also animated.

This invention was made by Steve Buss, Diana Paisis and Fred Studio. You can buy your babies cute and calming pacifier with just $10.


#3 Little Printer


The way you hear its name you are about to be curious what kind of toy is this, but NO. It is not a toy, it is actually an ink-less printer with thermal capability. This cute device is invented by the BERG Studio for printing different kinds of stuffs like receipts, invitations, cards and many more.

It is very compatible with smart phones and you can carry it anywhere and use it everywhere.


#4 Pluck – The egg separator


Before being messy and making it complicated for your kitchen, here is a tip. Do not use any bottle anymore or any style just to separate your egg yolk from its egg white. Because there is simpler and the cleanest way to separate them.

Pluck is invented by Quirky Products, they made it easy for moms, bakers, and for everyone to make a good perfect sunny-side-up egg.


#5 Hotdog Slicer


This is very cozy device where it makes it easier on slicing your hotdog everytime you have a party, breakfast or anything. I think it will be a lot easier for the children, but for adults?

Well it can be, if you want it really to be easier for you like 1 , 2 , and 3.



#6 Funnel glasses for administering eyedrops

kenji-kawakami-funnel-glasses-for-guiding-eyedrops-555x366Kenji Kawakami, founder of the International Chindogu Society demonstrates his funnel glasses, designed to guide eyedrops into the eye, in Tokyo. The word “Chindogu” translates as “weird tools” and Kawakami has invented hundreds of absurd items…




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