Something you would not want to see under the microscope

In 1590, two Dutch spectacle makers (Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans), discovered that nearby objects appeared greatly enlarged while experimenting with several lenses in a tube. That was the forerunner of the compound microscope and of the telescope. Things become interesting and sometime scary under the microscope.

Eye Lash mite

eyelash_mites_225_225x300Mite in our eyelashes? Ridiculous, but true. As our immune system gets weaker, the more possibilities the mites grew in our eyelashes. Especially when the individual use mascara that causes the mites to multiply.

It is prescribed to change your mascara every 3 months to prevent dusts and bacteria that are growing in your mascara brush. Eyelash image looks like an alien embryo which you wouldn’t like to see, if you know that thing is in your lashes.





Eye Lash

enhanced-buzz-wide-22880-1364921834-11In an average human eye there are 200 hair lashes each. When our immune system weakens as we grew older, the more the possibility our eyes absorb bacterias and evolve into an infection.

One of these is called Blepharitis. This image of the eyelash that is taken under the microscope have Blepharitis, one of its symptoms is crusts in the root.




Hydrothermal Worm

enhanced-buzz-wide-22376-1364921628-15This image was taken under an electron microscope, the creature you see is really a sea creature. Don’t be scared that much because it only looks bigger under the microscope.

This creature is more likely a size of a bacteria, they are seen most often in hydrothermal vents. Scientists see this creature as one of the unique images in the microscope for it looks like an alien. Agree?


Water Bears

dn14690-2_600Water bears are not really bears, they are creatures that when you see them under the microscope, you’ll be amazed and terrified as well. This marvelous creature seems indestructible.

You can boil or freeze it to zero degrees. And when they are dehydrated for many years, all you need to do is to water them. Seems a practical pet?




coisas-sob-microscopio-7This is quite disgusting under the microscope. For our teeth are dirty in nature, there are cavities living there and food stains as well.

You might not be able to touch your teeth anymore when you look at them under the microscope.





More creatures that look creepy under microscope:

Swollen tick




enhanced-buzz-wide-7760-1364929248-8 (1)

Image credits: David Spears / Via





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