The Most Adorable Endangered Creature – The Mexican Walking Fish

The Mexican Walking Fish, Axolotl salamander (Ambystoma mexicanum) is an endangered species. This adorable creature is seriously threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction and water pollution.Apart from their appearance, one of the coolest things about Mexican Walking Fish is their

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ability to regenerate most body parts. One problem is with non-native fish species like the Asian Carp and the African tilapia that eat young Axolotls. They haven’t evolved in the same environment, so they don’t have good defense mechanisms against them. Axolotl-mexican-04 Axolotls are popular pets and can be housed in an aquarium. One or two axolotls of about the same size can be kept in the same tank but make sure there is plenty of room for the animals to move about. Adorable isn’t it? Everyone seem want one as their pet, and this is one of the reason why this creature is endangering. We believe that the unpolluted river is the best place to keep it, not your aquarium! axolotl-mexican-walking-fish-06

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