Top Daily Use Objects That Are Full Of Germs

#1 Cell or Mobile Phone

Nokia_evolucion-publicOh no! Despite of being so essential to our life, cell phones are the most convenient ways to accumulate handful of germs. Your new generation touch screen phones have a 3% of possibility to have infectious bacteria that causes skin rashes, irritation, and stomach upset.

However you are quite lucky if you have touch screens, because our traditional phone with buttons have a 24% of possibility. But according to research, still, a mobile phone’s bacteria like food poisoning bugs, staphylococcus aureus, Coli, fecal Coliforms and more are still health threatening.

A good hygiene will help you not to throw off your cellular phone as of this moment that you are reading this.

#2  Tootbrush crawling germs

IMG_4105The known to be one of the most important bacteria cleaner of our teeth is also known to be the one of the most infected with germs. According to research there millions of bacteria including e-coli and ‘staph’ bacteria stored in our toothbrush.

That is the very first reason why we should change our toothbrush every 3 months or every month for sure. However, there are also studies in 2011 that half of the newly manufactured toothbrush that are still new and unopened, already have thousands of bacteria living in it.





#3 Our Healthy Skin

dn22537-1_300As part of being healthy, our skin has their innate moisture just like in the back of our ears, back of our elbows, neck, belly button and many more. Those are the places where 100 kinds of bacteria can be found.

Originally, the researchers said that those bacteria are already in our skin and very normal. However, when they are multiplied than what is expected they usually results in eczema and MRSA which are skin diseases.

#4 Newly washed Clothes

washing machine photo RexWe always thought that, we have clean and ready to wear clothes as they wash them. However, the truth is, we most likely contributed to the expansion of germs passed into our laundry as we wash them.

According to some microbiology professor like Charles Gerba, after washing the laundry and after putting a new batch with that water, we are transmitting about 1 million E-coli in the water alone. Pretty frustrating right? What are we supposed to do? Well there is a cycle of laundry that can help you to do it properly.


#5 Door knobs

Gold_doorknob_cropWell, this is really something you can’t afford to lose, for it is one of the most essential part of your house, office, school and thousands more other places. And we all know that every person is a carrier of bacteria, and it is being transmitted to everyone who touches the door knob.

With only one touch of a door knob of a lavatory room in a mall, you can already accumulate thousands or million of bacteria. A good technique of washing your hands is the proper way to prevent diarrhea that are caused by these bacterias you had.






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