14 Funny And Weird Human Inventions

Do you ever have some crazy or ingenious ideas that sound great in your head ? sometimes they should really only stay there.  However, some great ideas sound ridiculous  in the beginning but they could actually prove to be useful with time.

We can see people never stop invent stuff, from the funny redneck invention to the life hack product that eventual sell in the local store. Here’s some crazy inventions that we find on the internet,  so are they crazy or ingenious?

Baby Stroller and Scooter


Image credits: pixstudio

Flask Tie

crazy-inventions-7-1 crazy-inventions-7-2

Image credits: flasktie.co

Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings


Image credits: chinasmack

Goggle Umbrella


Available at: Amazon

Hug Me Pillow (The inventor must be lonely… LOL)

crazy-inventions-1-1 crazy-inventions-1-2

Available at: Amazon

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags (So someone often got his lunch stolen )

crazy-inventions-11 (1)

Image credits: Perpetual Kid

The Weight Watch Belt (I bet girls would hate this)


Image credits: unknown

Cutting Board Bird Feeder


Image credits: Curro Claret

Duck-Billed Protective Muzzle For Dogs

crazy-inventions-2-2 crazy-inventions-2-1

Image credits: OPPO

The Dogbrella


Available at: Amazon

The Ostrich Pillow

crazy-inventions-23-1 crazy-inventions-23-2

Available at: Amazon

Pizza Scissors


Available at: Amazon

Corner Frames


Image credits: details-produkte.de

Full Body Umbrella


Image credits: yamuhaton

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