10 Pilot And Flight Secrets Passengers Probably Don’t Know

An interesting thread has been discussed at Ask Reddit regarding the secrets of the airline industry that the passengers . Here are some of the best revelations they found:

1. Pilots Are Sleeping Most Of The Time


50% of pilots sleep while flying and 30% of the time they wake up to find their partner asleep.

2. The Truth Behind The Oxygen Masks


In case the oxygen masks drop down, you only have about 15 minutes of oxygen from the point of pulling them down. However, that is more than enough time for the pilot to take us to a lower altitude where you can breathe normally. At altitude, you have roughly 15-20 seconds before you pass out. Put yours on first, then do your kids. Passing out for a few seconds won’t harm the kids.

3. Why The Lights On The Airplane Dim When Landing?


A plane will dim the interior lights when landing, in case you need to evacuate upon landing at night…

4. Regarding Food on The Plane


Pilots are served different meals and cannot share, this is done in case of food poisoning. Stealing food, even if they are going to throw it out can get you fired instantly.

5. What Flight Attendants Really Do After Telling The Plane To Turn Off Their Electronics?


An anonymous flight attendant says after she tells everyone to turn off all electronics, she goes to the back and pulls out her phone and starts texting.

6.  The Power of a Pilot


That if a passenger is causing a scene in the jetway, a pilot can refuse to let them on and take off without them. The captain has almost limitless authority when the doors are closed. He is allowed to arrest people, write fines and even take the will of a dying passenger.

7. How A Pilot Approaches Landing


“Landings are nothing more than controlled crashes.” Pilot friend quote. When you experience a hard landing in bad weather,  it is intentional. If the runway is covered in water the airplane has to touch down hard in order to puncture the water layer and prevent aqua planing.

8. The truth behind Turning Off Your Electronics.

ht_jet_blue_phones_wy_131101_16x9_992 (1)

Having to turn off electronics on a plane is totally useless. Mobile electronic devices won’t really bring an airplane down but they can be really annoying to pilots. Just imagine sitting in the deck and hearing the interference of a hundreds of cellphones picking up a signal.

9. The Drinking Water Used For Coffee And Tea Is Disgustingly Dirty


The holding water tanks, that used for making coffee, tea in these sometimes 60 year old planes are never cleaned. They have accumulated so much greenish grime on the walls that in some places it can be inches thick. This one is very known by all airline employees.

10. Planes Without Engines Can Still Flide For A Really Long Time


If both engines fail, a plane can glide 6 nautical miles for every 5000 feet. So at 35,000 feet, a plane can glide about 42 miles without power.

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