9 Magic Fruit Effects You Would Love To Know

1. Snow white’s Apple

HUANIU_APPLE01A contrast to the story of Snow white’s apple, Eating apple claims to be one of the essential parts of our healthy lifestyle. Apple tends to have antioxidants that releases unwanted toxins in our body.

Every individual is recommended to eat apples to resist infection, reduces cholesterol, prevent gallstones, detoxify liver, eliminate bad breath and many more.




2. Strawberry shortcake

imagesJust like the cartoon strawberry shortcake, strawberries are real cute and full of advantages for our body’s immune system.

According to researchers and scientist, strawberry can help in preventing aging like promoting eye health, and keeping wrinkles away. Aside from it, it also fights against cancer by strengthening our immune system with Ellagic acid.




3. Power Pineapple

images (1)Pineapple is very common fruit in the supermarket, but only few stays to buy it and bring it home.

Pineapple is very effective in treating diseases such as goiter, tuberculosis, inflammations, and constipation. Doctors prescribed eating a slice than drinking in a can.





4. Annoying Orange

0Annoying orange in the famous YouTube doesn’t really annoy people, but promotes fun. But the true orange is more fun because it protects our skin and our vision as well.

Oranges have many vitamins and rich with healing ability. Oranges are often prescribed to men for healthy sperm cells, for women when they are pregnant, and helps in keeping our skin healthy.




5. Cranberry Love

images (2)Many doctors prescribe cranberries to patients, for it is a good treatment for UTI, ulcers, liver dysfunction and to promote cardiovascular health.

Cranberry helps our heart to be healthier than ever, by lowering our blood pressures, inhibiting blood clot and lowering possibilities of high cholesterol.




6. Blueberry Fairy

images (3)Blueberry is more than just as an antioxidants but also has many powers that helps in improving individual’s cognitive function.

They are blue in nature because of their anthocyanins that helps in blocking cancer’s free radicals. Just like some fruits it also helps to maintain our heart healthy and prevent us from hideous infections.



7. Mango Range

Mango with section on a white backgroundMango is the most delicious fruit many people love, but besides from being delicious and sweet, mango also helps with many things that strengthens our health. Firstly is that, it prevents numerous kinds of cancers.

Second, it clears our skin which results in glowing and healthy skin. And Third is that it alkalizes our body which is why it maintains our body’s immune system to be strong and healthy.



8. Heart Water Melon

images (4)Water Melon has a huge percent of water in it. It helps kidney patients before having dialysis for it is alkaline forming fruit.

Though the fruit contains high sugar, you’ll still prefer to eat it than eating one chocolate candy bar. It will not harm you , but will help in maintaining your heart health equilibrium.




9. Kiwi

images (5)Kiwi is really a strange fruit, but is also common to consumers for its health promoting benefits like prevention of disease that works as antioxidants.

And is a high calcium fruit, which helps on strengthening and developing our bone mass.






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