Top 8 animals with amazing camouflage skill


Camouflage13This long insect has got almost 90% same structure as that of the leaf. The only difference is the head in place of stalk.

It is strange that this insect knows hiding on what kind of plant can maximize its camouflage effect.





camouflage-frog-3_1808441iFrogs, the amphibians, are usually of green or brown colors that are inhabitant of grassy or dry places respectively.

But this Madagascar frog in rocks is camouflaged so nicely that it would not be appropriate to include its name in the list.





caterpillar-camouflageThis is one of finest picture taken at exactly the right place and right time.

The transparent-looking caterpillar in the middle of the leaf is placed so accurately that one may easily be deceived even in this picture.




5. Gecko

geckoGecko, a type of lizard, is usually of dull and rough colors but this species has been awarded by nature with the gift of amazing camouflage that it can hardly be seen on the stem.






sand-crabAlthough the crabs are of bright and unique colors but this species is inhabitant of lakes and stony wet places where it can camouflage in between the stones.






3.Mimic octopus

mimic-octopusThis 8-legged octopus has intrinsic ability to change its skin color according to the environment.

This camouflage deceives all the other sea animals and when its prey passes nearby, it plunges upon it and engulf it.




2.Stick insect

20091216_010258_This stick insect is very complex in structure and closely resembles the dried stem or stick so closely that one can be deceived easily.







IMG_8224The most amazing and most beautiful camouflage of grasshopper enables it to escape from the enemies.

The fresh green color allows it to capture the prey in stealth mode. The beauty of its structure really deserves the top place !







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